Two kinds of private one-on-one consultations are available:

Pre-natal (pregnant women)

A private session typically lasts 90 minutes. The mother-to-be will receive practical guidance that is relevant to her specific situation and breastfeeding goals.  We will discuss breastfeeding basics, how to establish your milk supply, how to get a good latch, different breastfeeding positions and more. An excellent preparation for breastfeeding. Reference materials will be provided.

Post-natal (new moms)

A private session typically lasts 90 minutes to 2 hours. It will take place in your own home at a time when your baby is ready to feed. If it is not possible to meet with you in person, video consultations (e.g., FaceTime) are available and can be very effective. The new mom will receive coaching to achieve a good latch, establish her milk supply and ensure that the baby is getting enough milk. Any concerns or questions will be addressed. If you are having difficulties breastfeeding, we will investigate to determine the likely cause of the problem and develop a plan, that you can share with your health care provider, to get breastfeeding back on track. Be encouraged – most problems can be solved. Information and support will help you reach your breastfeeding goals and enjoy breastfeeding your baby.

Fee structure

Most mothers only require a single consultation before and after the birth of their child to ensure breastfeeding is a success. Rates are provided below.

Post-natal consultation, including follow-up$150
Both a pre-natal and post-natal consultation, including follow-up$250

Contact Cecily at 519-993-7517 or

Travel costs

In-home consultations are recommended, especially for new moms. A nominal charge for in-home visits will be applied to cover travel costs, as follows:

Elora, Fergus, and any location within 10 km driving distance of EloraIncluded in fee
Belwood, Elmira, Arthur, Drayton, and any rural location within 11-20 km driving distance of Elora$30 round trip

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Contact Cecily at 519-993-7517 or